Kid Lunch Info

okay, so who/what is kid lunch anyway?

the kid hisselfright now, kid lunch is joshua malinsky. in future recordings or live performances, kid lunch may very well be joshua malinsky and a few other people.

poledojoshua played in the band poledo from 1994 to 1998 with Mitch Roth and Dave Capogna. on the rebound, both mitch and joshua went on to play with good friend hayden for about a year during his 1998 tour. joshua can also be heard making noises on hayden albums "The Closer I Get" and the recently released (2002) "Skyscraper National Park".

overdubssomewhere in that busy period of time between september 1997 and january 1998, joshua recorded and released an 8-song cassette of 4-track recordings called overdubs under the name Joshua WM. there were exactly 50 copies made and passed on to friends, with each cover hand drawn. when the folks at teenage USA recordings heard the tape, they asked joshua if he wanted to release more music on CD. right after his tour with hayden ended in december 1998, joshua began to record songs on 8-track for the Kid Lunch CD.

the cdjoshua completed recording in february 1999 and the result is the new Kid Lunch CD. the CD is comprised of 5 remixed and remastered songs from the Joshua WM cassette and 6 songs chosen from his self-described "recording outburst" in early 1999. The newer songs are noisier and more abstract than the songs from his cassette, but when placed alongside them the collection sounds delicious.

check out the new CD!