Kid Lunch Lyrics

humming along and using words like "lamma sharghum bah" won't cut it these days... you gotsta know the lyrics to songs if you wanna impress... so break out your finest duds, throw on the Kid Lunch CD and get yourself some action by singing along to the songs that have words:

Right Out

Click for Larger Image If you want to believe in it you put out your head
It just comes right out, the when and where to begin

If I wanna get even I'll just play in your head
and you come right out

If you want to believe me you'll forget what I said
It just comes right out and there's no way to begin

And it's going to be easy when you take out defense
You just come right out, make a deal with your sense

If it's gonna be easy I'll stay here with amends
They just come right out and I spread myself thin

If it's down to believing things that open events
Then I'll come right out

Change The Revolution

Click for Larger Image If I could change the revolution
Simply engage
I  got  a solution

You've been taking the easy way, never pointing to you
All around see opinions wither, lining up for the scoop

Everybody's solution isn't money and fame
Take a good look around you, there's a limit to shame

Cursed Reality

Click for Larger Image Cursed reality (hardly time to breathe)
Waiting for us all
And it comes

It comes undone.

Mass geography (trailers, roads and trees)
Free from everyone
And it comes

Green Dream

DreamClick for Larger Image
Like a bird
Like a highway
Going my way

Take a break from the system baby
Grab a seat and relax now
Grow a smile and lose all your worries
Here's a way we can slow down


If we're going for distance baby
Then we gotta go higher
Come on over if you know what's dangerous
We're just getting inspired


Theme from "Let's Go!"

Click for Larger Image

If you're at home
In a car
Walking's too slow
In the dark
Crashing over
Hook it up
This is our sound
We get around


Ancient ArcheologyClick for Larger Image

Break down the ancient bloodlines
Hold hands across the sea
Board out, board out

Load up on fallen ladders
Take down the same routine
Load out, load out

Ancient times have fallen
Reference for free
History is stolen archeology

Burn out the fading lanterns
Set institutions free
Board out, board out

Old hands and new beginnings
Post-reproduction team
Load out, load out

Ancient times have faltered
Referendum free
History is nowhere archeology.

Sha La La

Stand by the windowClick for Larger Image
The sun makes you shine my favorite way
A live halo about you
I want to lay you down and tuck you in
I don't care if it's cold out
Nine months of excuses to stay in bed
I want to get you to shout out
I want to get you to sing my favorite (way)

Sha La La!

Come lay here beside me
I like to dream at night with you by my side
It seems better than ever
We do the same things and laugh at the world outside
I want to do this each morning
Wake up early and watch you drift back to sleep
And tell the whole world about you
Listen to our song and hear them (sing)

Sha La La!