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It might be 20 years since the 'debut' but there is a new 9-song release. "Before It's Over", the first single from a 2020 album release, arrives at your favorite online music stores (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) on November 7th 2019! New website, preview, etc coming SOON!!!


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With only a few real CDs left in print, we're happy to announce that the entire Kid Lunch recording is now available to download for free! Head on over to the 'sounds' section and download the tracks in convenient mp3 format.

Should you feel compelled to pay for this music, please be aware that the only accepted payment is a nice email.


As we march along into the autumn of 2005, slowly but surely the new record is coming along/being abandoned. What to do! Maybe post some new tracks by end of the year? Or retire to Florida?

Kid Lunch most recently played live way back in November 2002 in Toronto as part of Teenage USA's Five Year Anniversary Party. The Kid was joined by friends / bandmates Brendan Canning, Kevin Drew (both of Broken Social Scene) and Marty Kinack (Sarah Harmer). Will he play again? Probably. Stay tuned here for announcements.

Kid Lunch made his first-ever solo appearances opening for Hayden on selected dates of his late 2001 tour. Waterloo, Peterborough and Ottawa were witnesses to the rare event.

Allo? interview! kid lunch spills his guts to The Ontarion, the University of Guelph newspaper. from february of the year 2000!

You lookin' at me?
online interview! PiG Publications in Florida interviewed Kid Lunch in fall of '99 and now it's online...

a reviewer gets the breath knocked out of her while listening to the Kid Lunch CD


another great review! Exclaim reviewed the Kid Lunch CD in their October 1999 issue, and said happy good things...


You lookin' at me?
read all about it! the Toronto Star reviewed the new Kid Lunch CD on July 3rd, 1999 and also said many good fun-time things!

eye magazine
more to read: there's a feature on Kid Lunch in the June 10th issue of eye magazine. and check out rock-god Ian Blurton on the cover! He's so handsome!



heads up! the new Kid Lunch CD became available on teenage USA recordings in late May, release party! The release party was at the xXx Diner, and it was fantasmic. Thanks to everyone who came out and made their own CD covers.Even though there was no performance, a great time was had by all.


orange!as you could probably tell from above, there won't be many Kid Lunch live performances. no tours are planned, but the odd live show or two will likely happen in the Toronto area during 2002. each one will probably have different people in the supporting band.


just in case you haven't heard it, the april 1999 teenage USA digital 7" is sweeping hearts across the world. hear theme from "let's go!" in .mp3 format!

that's all the news there is for now. this page will be updated when there's news to report.