Kid Lunch "Kid Lunch"

Kid Lunch / Kid Lunch
  1. Freedom Long
  2. Right Out
  3. Change The Revolution
  4. Cursed Reality
  5. Green Dream
  6. Theme From "Let's Go!"
  7. Ancient Archeology
  8. Basement Dub
  9. Sha La La
  10. Ode To Poledo
  11. Snowshoes

kid lunch is joshua malinsky

all songs written by and copyright ©1999 kid lunch.

all instruments and voices played by kl/jm except mellotron sample on track 4, played by mitch roth.

recorded by lunchy on 4-track and 8-track in his basement: september '97 and january '99.

mixed by kid lunch and hayden desser except tracks 4,8,9,11 by kid lunch, february 1999 at chateau greenhouse.

mastered by noah mintz at grandmasters, march 1999.

released on teenage usa recordings in CD format, as teen011

paintings and collages by yael staav. cd layout + design by kid lunch, yael staav and helios.

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