Kid Lunch is Joshua Malinsky

Kid Lunch on record is Joshua Malinsky - playing just about everything and writing the songs. Kid Lunch live usually involves other people as well - currently you also get Dave Capogna, Simon Craig and Don Lear.

To download ye olde classic "one sheet" bio, click here.


Joshua played in the band Poledo from 1994 to 1998 with Mitch Roth and Dave Capogna. On the rebound, both Mitch and Joshua went on to play with good friend Hayden for about a year during his 1998 tour. Joshua can also be heard making noises on Hayden albums "The Closer I Get" and "Skyscraper National Park".

At the end of 1998, Joshua recorded and released an 8-song cassette (cassette!) of 4-track recordings called "overdubs" that eventually morphed into the eponymous Kid Lunch debut CD released in 1999 on Teenage USA.

Kid Lunch finished playing live in 2002, and at points the KL band included Brendan Canning, Kevin Drew and Marty Kinack of Broken Social Scene hijinx.


Fast-forward a bunch of years to 2018 where the Kid Lunch finally began to hit the "record" button again with frequency. Kid Lunch - Volume 2 was home-recorded over 2018/2019, with Joshua again writing and performing the whole thing. This time, however, the keen ears of David Mohacsi with Gavin Brown took over the mixing, and it was mastered into finality by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel. It came into the world in February of 2020 and was supported by the first band performances in over 15 years.